Order your photo as LEGO® compatible pixel art at Brixelart

Create a wonderful pixel art from your own photos or picture. Whatever you want, everything is possible!

After ordering, you will receive all the coloured bricks, baseplates (and if chosen, the bricks to build the frame).

How does it work?
1. Upload a photo or picture
2. Choose the canvas size
3. Optionally crop the photo / image
4. Choose the brick type
5. Order!

Upload photo

Maak de mooiste pixelart met bricks van je eigen foto
  • Lego® compatible portret
  • Foto op Lego® compatible
  • Lego® compatible pixel art width=
  • Lego® compatible schilderij

Convert any photo on image into a beautiful pixel art

Move the slider back and forth and compare the original photo with the pixel art result.

Originele afbeelding Original
Pixel art met plates Square plates
Pixel art met tiles Round tiles
Originele afbeelding Original

Customer photos

  • Prachtige poezen vereeuwigt op een originele manier
  • Luiaard en boomkikkel pixel art
  • Lego® compatible schilderij van jongen bij stoere auto
  • Lego® compatible portret van jongen opgehangen op een groene muur
Choose from several sizes

Choose your desired pixel art size

At Brixelart you can choose which size you want your pixel art with bricks to be.

Wether you want a portrait, landscape or square canvas, it's up to you.

In addition, you can choose from 1x1 plates, or 1x1 round tiles. Both bricks have their own style, which is visible in the preview. You can also convert your image to black and white or sepia. When cropping, you can select this and then view it in the preview.

Whatever you choose, we will handle your order with care and precision.

What will you receive in your shipment?

  • All necessary bricks to make your pixel art
  • Base plates included (frams is optional)
  • Wall mounts from bricks
  • Brick separator to remove bricks

What will you receive by email?

  • Invoice and status information
  • Track and Trace code to trace your package
  • Digital building guide for creating your pixel art
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